Paint Only Service (New Helmets)

Get your NEW (never worn) football helmet painted your team colors!

We strongly recommend that you DO NOT paint your own helmet. Painting by anyone other than a reconditioner licensed by NOCAE will automatically void the manufacturers warranty. Store-bought paint and other substances can also lead to shell degradation and/or cracking of the shell or liner components that may not be outwardly visible. CAS uses factory-authorized paints applied in a specific process that does not compromise the integrity of the helmet shell. Other methods otherwise expose the helmet wearer to unnecessary risk.

Please only use this option only if your helmet is "off the shelf" new. If you are moving to a new team or your current team is changing colors and you would like your (even slightly) used helmet painted, your helmet must be recertified first. For this service, please complete the Football Helmet Reconditioning Form.

$ 78.00
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